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Emerging Risk is a strategic consulting and services provider based in the USA providing services globally.

Risk is an  inevitable part of business and the relationship between risk and reward has always been fundamental.  But in today’s interconnected world, there are new, emerging risks.  Why? Because most businesses manage risk in silos – and overlook the interdependencies – failing to recognize that the impact of risk tends to multiply rather than add across silos.

The result? Many businesses underestimate risk at the enterprise level.

 We deliver comprehensive Assessments & Solutions

We bring a highly experienced executive team

Global execution team drawn from multiple industries

Highly competitive cost and flexible pricing models

We have 247 plus team members delivering services around the world.   We deliver our services in partnership with leading service providers and trusted local partners in major cities globally

Emerging Risk Actively Advising on Global Risk and Managed Outcomes

Our Emerging Risk team brings together experts from the fields of Cybersecurity, IT Infrastructure and Governance, Enterprise Risk Management, Finance, Audit, Marketing, and Commercial Strategy. We provide comprehensive assessments to identify and quantify risk along with actionable insights to build capabilities and drive implementation of new or enhanced solutions.

Global Outlook

  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Political
  • Information Security
  • Enterprise Risk Management
  • Cybersecurity
  • Mergers & Acquisitions – Due Diligence and Integration
  • Go To Market Security

Risk, Cyber, System and Operational Assessments

  • IT
  • Integrated controls
  • SEC readiness
  • Social Media
  • Customer data
  • Security Incident reporting
  •  AI Assessment
  • insurance Program Assessment

Strategic Services

  • Business Strategy
  • Program Development
  • Security Program Audits
  • Enterprise Risk Briefings
  • Enterprise Risk Benchmarking
  •  Risk Program Design & implementation
  • Corporate Governance Services

Leadership team


CFO & Global Risk Officer
Strategy, ERM, Financial


Privacy, Technology, Client

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